Amy's Success Story

"Hand of God: A Noble Works Success Story


            Through the eyes of my Christian faith, I saw God’s perfect  provision for me in the genesis of Noble Works. Through my surrender to God’s will for me, I have been on a path of recovery from Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder, since June 2014. At age 22, in large part due to my mental illness, I had never been employed. While attending an IOP(Intensive Outpatient Program) in the summer of 2014, God led me to a faith-based, women’s recovery home. While there, getting a job was an important part of my recovery program. At the IOP, I heard of organizations in the community that supported those with mental illness, Oasis Clubhouse being a specific help to the 18-25 age group, or TAYs.

            In the following months, I visited Oasis and learned they offered internships to members at the clubhouse. These internships were designed to help members put reputable experience on a résumé for applications to jobs in the community. In spring 2015, I began and completed a three-month internship with Oasis Clubhouse’s “TAY Café.” Then in the fall of that year, I joined the Maintenance Crew, which I continued for about 7 months. Doing these internships in the Clubhouse was so helpful. It provided a supportive and low pressure environment to practice real job skills like punctuality, following directions, and communication with supervisors. It also allowed me to experience the joy of accomplishment: I realized it felt good to work hard, especially seeing the fruit of my labor—a clean Clubhouse. Plus, seeing my work benefit all the other members, allowed me to experience the joy of contribution! Through 2015 with the internships, other weekly responsibilities, therapy, and church, God was breaking down the emotional, mental, and social barriers I had for pursuing employment. He was healing me! I told Him with a smile, “I’m ready for a job,” then waited for Him to open a door.

            Within a week or two, my Maintenance Supervisor at Oasis—without my telling her what I had told God—introduced me to a new program Pathways was starting, called Noble Works. When I learned Noble Works was designed specifically to help TAYs with mental illness to have support throughout the journey of applying and keeping a job, I knew it was a wonderful answer to prayer!

            Through the whole process of taking their classes; having questions answered; producing professional resumes and cover letters; applying for jobs; practicing interview skills; and being available to talk through the anxiety I felt and celebrate the victories; I felt valued and supported. Someone wiser than I, could come alongside me and give me a hand up to my next step. With the help of my job coach and employment specialist, I worked to apply for a retail position at the thrift store run by the large church, I attended, as well as apply for entry positions at grocery stores. In April 2016, I was contacted for interviews at the thrift store and a grocery store. In June 2016, after volunteering for several weeks and with the thrift store manager’s recommendation, I was hired as a retail sales associate at my church’s thrift store! Now it is November 2017, and I am still working there!

            The team at Noble Works has been valuable even while I have been employed. My job coach does weekly check in’s on the phone with me, and I have come to her with questions and concerns that have arisen. She is there offering sage advice, even encouraging me at times to speak with my manager about specific matters at the store. When it comes time to transition to another job, I trust my team at Noble Works to support me. They consider, value, and support the whole person of me—my faith, my health, and my goals. The Hand of God was evident to me through Noble Works, and I am grateful for it."

Written by Amy, November 26, 2017

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